IoT Startup Tantiv4 New Offices in Bengaluru and Chennai

IoT Startup Tantiv4 New Offices in Bengaluru and Chennai

Over the past few years, the internet of things (IoT) has transformed the environments in homes, offices, and manufacturing plants. While IoT proposed all types of applications on paper, many companies find it hard to nurture the nascent technology and extract maximum value out of it. Around this time, Tantiv4 INC, founded in Milpitas (California, USA). The goal of the company was to integrate suitable protocols, link cloud platforms, and increase the quality of products and services in the IoT space.

So far, Tantiv4 has introduced several successful IoT solutions. To make sure that domestic and commercial users can take adequate care and monitoring of their industries, the company came up with IoT-powered ThingaOSTM to help with various use cases like Property Management, Smart Homes, and Security.

Users who struggled with protecting their homes can use ThingaOSTM to secure their homes. For this purpose, ThingaOSTM offers integration with all the mainstream smart home solutions. Whether it is Apple, Google, or Amazon, it is easy to connect ThingaOSTM with the installed devices and use it as a primary tool for adjusting all home-based settings. With IoT products like DetectIT, Tantiv4 has facilitated homeowners to detect a water leak in time, saving plenty of plumbing costs. Retail clients sought IoT devices for their inventory management. Homeowners from around the country have requested the installation of FetichIT to aid them with quick and convenient shopping.


Going to the Next Level

The above mentioned IoT products and solutions were ahead of time. As a result, Tantiv4 received an excellent response from clients.

It is not only the domestic user who is a fan of Tantiv4’s IoT capabilities. Seasoned and experienced experts have been highly positive regarding the effectiveness of these solutions. As a result, the entire team at Tantiv4 is pumped up. Many workers are heartened to collaborate with high-profile brands. Some of these partners include Google, Amazon, Z-Wave Alliance, RAK Wireless, Qualcomm Wireless, Marubun Corporation.

Owing to this success, the company has launched New Development Centers in the IT hubs of India: Bengaluru and Chennai.

The growth of IT in Bengaluru has reached such high peaks that it is known as the Silicon Valley of India. Forbes has ranked Bengaluru as one of the fastest-growing cities in the next decade.

Chennai boasts a strong reputation as one of the most advanced IT cities in Asia. Significant brands like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, and other renowned organizations have set up their operations in Chennai. Indian Government plans to develop Chennai as a smart city. This objective of this initiative is to lay the rare foundation of an IoT infrastructure where citizens can become more productive and enjoy convenience via smart solutions.

Hence, recognizing the development of IT and an abundance of IT talent, Tantiv4 settled on these cities to expand further.

This move by Tantiv4 is bound to increase the speed of its released products and enhance the quality of existing solutions. At this pace, the company is well-poised to join the other IoT big shots and cement its legacy as the pioneer of smart IoT solutions.

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