How Property Managers Can Save Money With Shield Management

How Property Managers Can Save Money With Shield Management

Being a property manager is no easy task. You have to manage the residents and their complaints while juggling insurance providers, reporting, and rent collection. However, smart property managers have started to find patterns and work out ways around problems.

Property management solutions are the best way to reduce the burden you usually face; however, you need to be selective about which option you opt for. Your priority should be to minimize costs without compromising on the quality of service you provide.


Common Problems Property Managers Have to Deal With

To determine which property management solutions are perfect for you, let’s consider some common problems you might be facing as a property manager.

1. Water Leakage and Damage

Water leakage deserves special mention because of its prevalence and the damage it causes. Detecting this damage is already difficult in single-family residences, but the difficulty multiplies in multifamily units.

What makes them dangerous is that the damage often doesn’t become apparent until it has become much worse. Therefore, the repair costs are often substantial.


2. Maintenance and Security

Properties also need regular maintenance to ensure the residents are well protected against injuries due to structural disrepair. They also need to meet safety criteria in case of fires and have basic security against burglaries.
Arranging for these comes under the responsibilities of a property manager.


3. Property Insurance

Finally, if the property faces regular water damage from undetected leakage for prolonged periods, you might have difficulty finding an insurer willing to work with you.


How Shield Management Helps Reduce Costs

The ideal way to manage these problems is to get property management solutions. Here’s why Tantiv4’s Shield Management is one of the best in this category.

1. Water Consumption Management

Shield Management has an intricate system for water consumption management and leakage detection. Its sensor will detect water damage promptly, shut off the relevant valve, and alert you. Not only will it stop the water damage, but it will also help you find the location of the damage and get it repaired. Knowing you are working with a reliable property management solution will also keep the insurers satisfied, and you will not be charged premiums to get insurance.


2. Property Safety and Security

The solution is designed using the latest smart technology and is perfect for smoke and fire detection. The security system can similarly be synchronized with home automation and will alert against trespassing.

The sensitive alarm system will alert you about the breaches immediately irrespective of your location and engage the residents and relevant authorities to ensure everyone can remain safe.


3. Optimized Energy Solutions

Finally, Shield Management optimizes energy consumption through smart allocation and planning and will help you cut down extensively on energy costs. You will have major savings while making the property better and safer for everyone.


In a Nutshell

Property management solutions are perfect for property managers who want to address the challenges of their job efficiently and effectively. Shield Management is one such solution but stands out because it will also help you save money due to its advanced mechanisms.
If you want to learn more about our solution, don't hesitate to contact us on our website. Our teams will be happy to get in touch with you and explain all the details.

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