No More Bandwidth Clogs: Tweak Network Performance with REZRV

No More Bandwidth Clogs: Tweak Network Performance with REZRV

A larger bandwidth makes collaboration easier – TRUE OR FALSE?

The real question to ask is “Are you getting the most out of your bandwidth”? The exact bandwidth required is a tricky question to answer and depends on several factors such as: 1) number of users and 2) the types of files used.

In general, it’s a well-known fact that for a business, the easier your team members can collaborate, the sooner they can complete projects. More bandwidth generally means faster speeds resulting in increased costs. Now the question becomes “When does this need for increased bandwidth end? and is this increased cost justified?” More than likely, the answer is “NO” for both points.

REZRV is an efficient and proven way to manage the existing speeds and bandwidth without comprising the team collaboration to complete projects at a business or in maintaining a harmonious family work/home environment at your residence.

In short, not upgrading the bandwidth does not affect business outcomes even for the most bandwidth-demanding applications with REZRV and doing so assures that costs are also managed.


REZRV is the ROTO-ROOTER for IT and Home Networks

REZRV goes against the conventional wisdom of investing more bandwidth or network upgrades without first auditing your IT infrastructure to identify network bottlenecks and solving them. A business needs to set network priorities and usage rules to run standard and critical applications simultaneously. REZRV tool enables these policies which can be fixed or customized, while flexible & easy to be changed at a moment’s notice to ensure dynamic business operational needs. An efficiently managed network ultimately results in faster speed and lower costs.

Most office tasks such as primary email and web surfing only require about 2 Mbps as they transmit only small amounts of information even with a large staff. REZRV can evaluate and dynamically adjust this limit while ensuring other critical applications such as a video HD stream from an on-site factory monitoring system gets higher network bandwidth to prevent interruptions. Same goes with the periodic download of large files. REZRV will work precisely the same way to manage a home network without ever having to open the router page. It comes with a pre-set standard use case trained conditions which can be further customized with an application that runs on any mobile or web platform.

With REZRV you don’t have to move closer to a Wi-Fi router to improve your internet speed because REZRV technology resolves the weakest link problem in a Wi-Fi spectrum and as such is independent of the device (PC, TV) distance from the Wi-Fi router. 


Efficient bandwidth Increases productivity

REZRV assists a company’s IT infrastructure organize tasks using policy-driven metrics best suited for the company’s needs with an easy to use a graphical tool. Such an approach increases the company’s productivity and reduces frustration, increasing worker morale. The amount of data sent across the network gets analyzed, and appropriate bandwidth is allocated to certain types of applications based on their classification such as “Office applications”, “Control Applications” or “Entertainment/Video applications”. For cloud-based productivity applications, a network’s health plays a vital role to ensure services are delivered in a timely fashion. When employees or their customers experience latency issues on a Zoom call or can’t access their videos or control software, it results in a lousy consumer experience resulting in a potential loss of opportunity.


REZRV: The Only Tool for Network Bandwidth Management

A quick audit with a tool like REZRV can allow companies to map out the applications and services consuming more bandwidth than they need. The visualized information is intuitive, web-based and provides a complete analysis along with the detailed analytics, which includes details on the network device, users, app or services. Analytics also includes routinely performed activities by devices, time of day and network bandwidth used. To understand your network open up the network monitoring tool on an app or a web-based dashboard. It is where you’re given the complete picture – a fully realized visual flow of bandwidth where you can spot bottlenecks with a cursory glance.

Visualization is a fantastic tool that instantly tells you what decisions need to be taken. Charts show the real story and bandwidth hog devices and applications can be easily identified to the device, and guilty applications or devices can be easily dealt with appropriate policy management.


Services provided by REZRV include:

  • Diagnose and resolve network performance issues
  • Track uptime of routers, switches, and other devices
  • Analyze and monitor bandwidth performances and identify traffic patterns
  • Identify applications that are using the most bandwidth
  • Send notifications to you in real-time


Technology is increasingly crucial to success, and increasing bandwidth without a proper understanding of the IT network and business needs is like applying a band-aid to an injury.

Given today’s work from home environments or self-imposed lockdown caused by COVID-19 one can only expect increased collaboration, conferencing software, video and other home entertainment experiences on the rise requiring a need to manage your network bandwidth.

REZRV does that all and saves cost too.

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