REZRV: The Most Freakishly Effective Tool to Monitor Internet Bandwidth

REZRV: The Most Freakishly Effective Tool to Monitor Internet Bandwidth

The internet realm is massive. Businesses utilize new software and tools almost every year to stay competitive in an increasingly dynamic landscape. However, they all seem to have one thing in common: jittery connection speeds and drop every now and then.

A poor internet connection is the fastest way to kill sales goals. Most end-users complain about slow internet due to bandwidth congestion, but there’s always enough to go around. You could spend more money on bandwidth, but without addressing the root causes behind your network health issues, the same problem will catch up with you eventually.

Until the advent of REZRV, there weren’t many advanced tools that could let you quickly diagnose and troubleshoot problems with your internet connection. IT administrators had the tough job of manually checking every connection, app, or user to look for errors – that’s hundreds of productive hours gone down the drain and ultimately cost millions in losses.

The dearth of advanced network monitoring tools is what led to the ideation and development of REZRV. What stands out about REZRV is that it leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to give you the complete bird’s eye view of your network performance. REZRV Gives You Complete Control Over Your Network Connection.


In-Depth Network Analyzer

REZRV utilizes a comprehensive toolset that can be easily engaged via an interactive web-based interface. The highly intuitive dashboard provides detailed insights into any network element and drills down into network traffic patterns over months, days, minutes, and even seconds. With REZRV, you can quickly identify bandwidth use by IP address, application, protocol and then troubleshoot the problem.

This level of detail, coupled with customizable network traffic reports displays historical data and identifies peak bandwidth usage empowering you to adjust your policies for better bandwidth management all the while avoiding spending extra on additional bandwidth. It saves your bottom line and your time.


Reduce Packet Jitters While Streaming

If your business regularly uses certain cloud-based applications, such as streaming or VOIP systems, REZRV can be customized to prioritize internet bandwidth to your favourite applications and stop any bottlenecks and network congestion issues before they even start. The end result? Crystal clear HD videos that buffer without any hiccups or jittering.



Rapid Diagnostics that Gives You an Edge

The internet usage monitoring software lets you determine how much bandwidth your applications and devices are using, including heavy overloads. This allows your IT teams to quickly and accurately pinpoint bottlenecks. REZRV utilizes protocols like packet sniffing and SNMP to pinpoint exactly who or what is taking your bandwidth.

Once you’ve identified the root cause of the problem, you can react suitably by creating new bandwidth usage management policies in place without having to spend extra cash on more bandwidth.


Advanced Alerting System

REZRV utilizes an advanced alerting system that promptly notifies you once you’ve reached a certain percentage of the allowed total traffic amount per month. Alternatively, you can set your own custom alerts and chose to be warned when a specific amount of bandwidth has been transferred or when a specific amount of data has been transferred in a set period of time.

REZRV logs, meters, and provides detailed statistical information about your network’s health, performance, and bandwidth analysis. It provides highly customizable reports and alerts which may be crucial to saving your bottom line. And it does so with a user-friendly interface that conveniently sits on your web browser.

Ready to boost network performance, save your budget, and improve network security? Get in touch with the experts at Tantiv4 to learn more and start your trial!


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