Tantiv4 Launches New REZRV™ App

Tantiv4 Launches New REZRV™ App

Tantiv4, a leading provider of IoT and cloud platforms for Enterprise, Industrial and Consumer applications today announced the launch of REZRV new app for iOS and Android mobile devices. With the addition of the REZRV app home users and IT, managers can manage their work or home networks more naturally and intuitively bypassing all the extensive setup required by some technology solution providers. REZRV is an easy-to-use application that resides on the router and dynamically applies user-defined modes for work or school from home environments, and users can also use intuitive voice commands supported by REZRV in a home environment.


"REZRV is your network admin to solve all your Wi-Fi problems at home with a voice command or mobile app," said Lokesh Johri, founder and CEO of Tantiv4 Inc. "What this means is that the home internet works for you whether that is allowing applications such as Zoom and School over Netflix to maintain uninterrupted work priorities or timely homework submission."


Simply buying additional bandwidth adds more cost and masks the symptom of a bigger problem; what users need is a way to manage their existing bandwidth appropriately. REZRV manages the network in the background using patent-protected AI and ML techniques which automatically apply user-preferred policies at a given time without user intervention. In those cases where these preferences have to be temporarily modified the mobile app can easily allow for that to happen


"I believe consumers and businesses will reap big benefits from the REZRV app immediately. In fact, bandwidth management is becoming critically important now that home networks are being loaded more heavily and with more applications than ever before. Add to this that consumers can even operate the app with voice commands, which makes REZRV practically a no brainer for ease of use. It's exciting to see sophisticated technology like this made available through an intuitive UI," says Claus Hetting, CEO & Chairman of Wi-Fi NOW.


Innovative features on the REZRV mobile App include:

  • Preset easy to turn modes (Office, Home, Gaming, Default)
  • Easy access to turn On or Off commonly used applications
  • Analytics on Internet bandwidth consumed by the device and by a user
  • Router controls for SSID and password change (avoiding navigating to router home page)
  • Parental Control feature to manage your children's play, TV and school time


Download App For Easy Functional Controls & Reports


About Tantiv4 Inc.

Tantiv4 Inc., headquartered in Milpitas, CA, is powering the next generation IoT Edge, Cloud and Voice platforms by providing uniquely architected solutions with a focus on simplifying and solving the pain points that exist in today's IoT solutions. ThingaOS solutions provide advanced automation using AI and ML algorithms, increasing ROI and improve business efficiencies. ThingaOS™ operates on all popular cloud eco-systems, RF protocols and supports all popular controller and voice interfaces.

For more information about this topic, please contact Kishore Moturi at +1 408 396-5962 or email at contact@tantiv4.com.

ThingaOS, ThingaAI, FetchitGO, REZRV are trademarks of Tantiv4 Inc. All other trademarks used are the property of their respective owners.

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