Why the Smart Use of a Bandwidth is the Need of the Hour

Why the Smart Use of a Bandwidth is the Need of the Hour

Today’s home and office networks are a lot more different than a couple of years ago. Between the various smartphones, computers, laptops, and IoT devices that are attached to a WiFi router, bandwidth can be hard to find.

This is why most companies are now using smart WiFi to manage networks. And as most of us become more accustomed to working from home routines, it will become necessary to use ‘smart’ networks to efficiently manage bandwidth across devices and bandwidth-hogging apps.


Imagine you’re at your desk and you’re working on an important assignment with tight deadlines – and all of a sudden, the entire network comes to a grinding halt. Perhaps you were about to download something important, or in the midst of a crucial chatting session with colleagues. This happens because your WiFi is struggling to get you the best connection available.

If only it could ‘smartly’ interact with devices and mobile applications to ensure you’re always connected. Smart WiFi is a new tool that uses AI and machine learning to provide the ability to precisely predict your bandwidth needs.


Smart devices like Rezrv leverage AI to analyze data from multiple sources for greater accuracy than traditional networking tools that strictly look at link utilization. AI also applies network performance to allow controllers to learn from experience while improving bandwidth utilization.

Smart WiFi can process traffic data in real-time and make allocation and routing decisions dynamically based on the data. All this reduces the operating expenses that are usually associated with network maintenance, development, and refinement while minimizing the effort needed from IT professionals to manage these activities.


Understanding the Biggest Advantages of Smart WiFi

Smart WiFi can:

  • Monitor network devices and analyze a constant stream of data and messages in real-time to monitor the network’s health.
  • Adjust the router’s wireless signals over several frequencies and channels. Smart WiFi can also ensure you’re connected to the best possible channel for efficient allocation of bandwidth.
  • Easily restrict certain websites that may be consuming too much bandwidth. This also applies to potentially malicious use of bandwidth, which is usually the case in bandwidth-heavy websites.


What Smart WiFi Can’t Do

We will always require IT professionals to troubleshoot problems that Smart WiFi solutions like Rezrv can’t. The three most common limitations with Smart WiFi are as follows:

  • It doesn’t double as wireless repeaters, which means that you’ll still have to deal with wireless black spots that may be interfering in the network. Smart WiFi routers tend to have extra antennas for more coverage though
  • It doesn’t detect unforeseen circumstances, for example, if you’re plugged into an internet connection that suddenly goes down, you will have to provide a backup solution yourself.


It is worth noting that different smart routers have their own advantages. You can go as simple or as complex as you want. With Rezrv, you can get the best possible features that traditional WiFi packages don’t offer. Most home networks will become more dependent on these features in the months to come, both during and after the coronavirus pandemic era.

To find out more about Rezrv for your business and home, visit our website here or give us a call. We’re always happy to talk.

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