REZRV – The Smarter Way to Manage Your WiFi

REZRV – The Smarter Way to Manage Your WiFi

Network congestion can bring your home or office network to a screeching halt if your WiFi is unprepared to handle the traffic flowing through it. Excessive bandwidth used by non critical applications in the home or office network can excessively slow down the entire network and affect business-critical services that lead to downtime.

If your solution to network congestion is to buy more bandwidth to mitigate this issue, you’re only treating a symptom of a much larger underlying problem: bandwidth misallocation.

Most businesses are now turning to network bandwidth managers to analyze network usage patterns, check the number of new connections, measure bandwidth usage by non-critical applications, and control excessive use of bandwidth.

This is where REZRV comes in. It uses a combination of AI and ML to give you complete control over your WiFi.

With REZRV , you can efficiently manage your existing bandwidth capacity and allocate it to applications that need it the most. This allows you to cut costs on bandwidth and hardware components by efficiently controlling excessive consumption of bandwidth.


Applying AI to Network Analytics

Game changing network analytics offered by REZRV is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize network bandwidthusage and reduce operational costs. It allows REZRV to remove network bottlenecks and avoid user disa-satisfaction , even before they happen.

It allows for a fluid and seamless gaming or video conferencing experience, addresses network congestion issues and automates insufficient network utilization. In short, REZRV lets you minimize downtimes and achieve a higher network performance reducing user frustrations. REZRV leverages advanced and specialized AI and ML algorithms for bandwidth monitoring to businesses and home users alike. Moreover, these user preferences are controlled by policies which can be dynamically addressed in real-time using AI analytics adapting to the needs of the business by managing priority of the important applications on the network to user preferences.

Before REZRV , network administrators relied on filtering using deep packet inspection (DPI) to solve network problems, but this approach is outdated and inefficient in current times. This is because these techniques were implemented superficially at a higher level in the networking protocol and the move to changing packet encryption rendering DPI techniques useless.


A Complete Network Solution

REZRV also comes with a varied set of networking tools to give you complete control over the office and home-based WiFi networks. A quick detour of the REZRV webpage reveals an intuitive interface with an easy-to-use configuration tool. Users get detailed updates and feedback about active connections so they can prioritize business-critical (or important) applications in just a few clicks. The on-screen graph also shows bandwidth usage based on data type (web, video, and network) to help network admins make informed decisions.f

Hate going back and forth between the web interface every time you want to change priorities? REZRV now lets you send voice commands to Alexa, giving you control over all its tools in a simple and convenient manner.

For instance, you can place simple voice command such as, “Alexa, ask Router to turn off YouTube.” This effectively stops YouTube and lets you allocate bandwidth to other networking areas that need them, such as video conferencing or streaming.

One area where REZRV really shines is managing mission-critical data in workplace environments. This lets you streamline performance and improve your competitive edge by achieving efficiency.

In short, REZRV gives you the promise of big data and AI to manage your existing networking solution efficiently. All without ever having to break the bank.

Ready to use REZRV and want to learn more? Get in touch with us here.

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