Increase the Performance of Your Slow WiFi

Increase the Performance of Your Slow WiFi

Whether you are working from home due to the COVID-19 or you are going to the office, internet-related issues pile up everywhere. Even commercial and public places like hospitals and shopping malls have subpar networks.

So, why does this happen? Let's find out.

Many WiFi users suffer from slow speeds and poor connectivity. Those who are working from home during the ongoing pandemic are well aware of how their WiFi slows down in a certain room, and can even go as far as to stop working altogether. To enjoy a reliable connection, you have to overcome certain obstacles and barriers. Don't think that buying a new router will address your issue; it will persist even after that.

You can ascertain whether a WiFi connection will be reliable and fast if it gives a strong signal. Think about this as you do in real life – you can easily hear others in a quiet area. On the contrary, listening is harder in a building with thick walls. The same rings true for the indoor WiFi. Once the distance grows, the wireless signal strength drop. Certain obstructions are also guilty of limiting signal strength.

Competing networks can cause slow connectivity in an area on the overlapping or same channel. Once a WiFi channel amasses several users on multiple networks, everyone begins to experience lag. Since the channel isn't in your control, there's nothing you can do to deny others from connecting to it.

Usually, there are two categories of interferences that can affect you:

  • Co-Channel Interference - Networks share a channel cooperate and take turns talking. Each WiFi device shares the channel bandwidth.
  • Overlapping Interference - Networks on overlapping or non-standard channels fail to cooperate, which can create interference problems for neighbouring networks.


How Can Rezrv Help?

Simply put, go for Rezrv to counter any interference or signal strength dilemma. Rezrv has been carefully tested to resolve issues for these outcomes. It spreads WiFi evenly and prevents the performance issues that plague WiFi networks at home and commercial places.

Rezrv offers a powerful method for traffic arbitration that enhances network performance. Even if the user is connected to the network in a congested environment, Rezrv ensures that users can prioritize vital connections and streams, which ensures reliability and consistent connectivity.

If you are continuously worrying your WiFi network, get in touch with us and share your issues. We will eliminate your troubles with Rezrv's groundbreaking technology. Don't worry about the costs -- we have made it free to use for one year.

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