Steady Reliable Connectivity for IoT Devices with REZRV

Steady Reliable Connectivity for IoT Devices with REZRV

Do you know that there will be over 41 billion IoT devices by 2027 – and the number will keep on growing!

As companies integrate IoT devices into their enterprises, factories and office spaces to simplify daily tasks and automate critical processes, they are also constraining the network infrastructure, creating a new challenge: bandwidth scarcity.

Home and business networks are adopting several types of IoT devices that collect and send data on networks, in addition to other platforms such as connected cars, wearable technologies, smart TVs, media players, healthcare who also communicate using the same networks. IoT devices in applications such as industrial robots, HVAC controllers, energy sensors on wind farms play a significant role in management for monitoring parameters. These parameters generate data ranging from manufacturing efficiency, failure detection, environmental impact, etc. overwhelming an unprepared network, clogging it in the process.


Where REZRV Comes In

REZRV enables home and business networks to monitor their network bandwidth usage, observe history and enable the IT manager or home user to take charge of the internet. In other words, REZRV brings insights, tools, and expertise needed to maximize your internet by identifying bandwidth-hogging apps and devices and assists in managing your network so you will never run out of bandwidth.

When it comes to monitoring IoT traffic, REZRV offers visualization analytics in such a way that it is easy to spot apps or device hogging bandwidth. REZRV gives home and office networks more insight into applications that are responsible for congesting the network. Furthermore, REZRV uses its AI-powered tool to quickly learn the user’s preferences and provide quality of service monitoring to prioritize business-critical applications.

REZRV is a suite of network monitoring applications that address issues caused by:

Sluggish Video Conferencing: A business that can’t establish clear communication with its remote employees will face huge operational problems. Even worse, not being able to communicate with employees and clients could bring it to its knees in a competitive environment.

A Congested Network: Because of the sheer number of IoT devices, an unprepared network will slow down and will experience huge bottlenecks. Unless the sources of congestion are identified and proper policies set, the entire business will experience poor internet speeds.

An unmonitored network: Network administrators who are unable to monitor their network accurately will not know about its current status and will have no idea how to make plans for IoT expansion. Without documenting the entire network and tracking the performance of each device, a network manager will find it difficult to make an informed decision and is likely to create even more performance issues.


How REZRV helps IT Managers

Armed with REZRV management analytics, network administrators can troubleshoot all their problems regardless of the number of IoT devices connected at a time. It is done by:

  • Logging into the application dashboard and connecting to the router through it
  • Navigating to the configuration menu
  • Turning off rogue applications that end up hogging the network’s bandwidth
  • Changing packet priority preferences based on an informed decision

And just like that, you can regulate the bandwidth consumption of busy IoT devices and allow packets to traverse through the network smoothly. You can also perform basic voice commands using Alexa to prioritize certain apps.


Unclog Your Network with Ease

You can prioritize your apps accordingly. Prioritize Skype calls with fluidity even when your roommate is watching Netflix, play multiplayer video games even when a large file is downloading in the background, and perform business-critical applications without congesting the network.

You get a complete view of your network such as data usage by application and device, identification of applications that are swallowing up the internet and slowing speed for other critical or non-critical but useful applications.

Ready to improve the quality and speed of mission-critical data by using REZRV? Are you prepared to maintain a continuous, stable connection? Click here to get in touch with the Tantiv4 team.

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