How Can Property Management Be Made More Efficient With AI and ML?

How Can Property Management Be Made More Efficient With AI and ML?

Traditional homes waste energy and water due to inefficient design. With dwindling resources and rising utility costs, this has snowballed into a more significant concern. Even with energy-efficient homes, resources can end up being overused when the homeowners aren’t careful enough. However, there’s a way to make property management more efficient – introduce artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in this space.

The real estate sector has been notorious for being non-tech-savvy. AI systems can only work well when they ingest and analyze data from modern hardware, which the real estate industry is reluctant to adopt. That’s why the Morgan Stanley Digitization Index called real estate “the second least digitized industry in the world.

However, over time, property managers have started to take an interest in the immense potential of AI. With machine learning, smart homes can monitor homeowners, process their behaviour, and automate accordingly. With a leading AI-powered property management solution like Shield Automation, you can incorporate smart automation into energy management, lighting control, HVAC, maintenance, acoustic settings, and occupant tracking. This allows you to live a lot more productively than before by saving a significant amount of time and money.

AI ingests raw sensor data about your behaviour from IoT-based devices to keep things in order for you. Devices integrated with AI can track the routines of inhabitants and make predictions to offer a personalized lifestyle. For instance, a resident can set their schedule when they go to work, where the sensors track their movements. However, if someone tries to access their apartment, AI will alert the possibility of a break-in to the property owner. Similarly, it would automatically turn off the lights, fan, and heater to save costs in their absence.

Another example of how AI can help is when a user cooks food in a smart oven. The AI could track the inside temperature and perform computations to predict whether the food will be burnt. It ensures that the user takes out the food when it reaches the prime temperature. Some other use cases made possible by the Shield Automation solution include the following:

  • If there is a water leak in your home, it can detect it and notify you via phone, SMS, and email.
  • Once you wake up, it can open the blinds, activate your coffee pot and oven to prepare your breakfast.
  • When you go to sleep, it switches off the lights of other rooms.
  • When any motion is detected at your home during your absence, such as when someone opens your TV or switches on a light, it could alert you.


Final Thoughts

With a solution like Shield Automation, the possibilities of automation in property management are endless. If you are interested, take a look a detailed look at this solution.

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