Bandwidth is Expensive – Here’s How You Can Optimize Bandwidth

Bandwidth is Expensive – Here’s How You Can Optimize Bandwidth

Suddenly work from home applications are the “in-thing” and the need for optimized network bandwidth is high on every organization’s and individuals needs. A well-functioning and tuned network requires a properly managed bandwidth so daily operations are not affected. Frequent downtimes are caused when the bandwidth required is high due to the scale of operations or there are un-important applications that are hogging the network and causing downtimes.

Increasing your incoming bandwidth is one way to take care of the problem, it might be easier and cheaper to optimize your existing bandwidth.

Most businesses respond by investing more on bandwidth without realizing that without good optimization, they’re always going to find themselves to square one. Without the right tools, however, optimizing network bandwidth is not going to be easy, and most companies react by buying more hardware, which pushes your operational costs up unnecessarily.

The good news: you can use a network monitoring tool like REZRV to detect and free up more bandwidth capacity conveniently and affordably. REZRV helps you make the most out of your hardware’s performance capabilities and you won’t have to spend capital on additional hardware. It’s easy to use and configure and designed to work for the common person without advanced knowledge in networking


These are the four key areas that must be addressed in order to optimize bandwidth.

1. Get a Bird’s Eye View of Your Network Performance

First, use REZRV to gather a bird’s eye view of your current bandwidth performance – see what applications are using your network and identify the good ones from the bad. REZRV will help you figure out the exact nature of your internet usage.


2. Mode based Priority

Second, REZRV has the unique ability to prioritize applications based on workflow requirements. These modes ensure that the most important applications required for that mode are always active. This optimizes the overall traffic across the network and can be simply controlled by activating on the app or through a voice command. As an e.g: in Office mode you can have priority set for Zoom, Teams, Github, Slack, email and for the Home mode you can have priority for Xbox, Netflix or Disney. The activation times for these modes can also be programmed so the whole operation is seamless


3. Create Bandwidth Rules for Programs

Third, create rules to optimize the data, either so that it utilizes lower bandwidth, or by creating rules where other programs are allowed to consume more bandwidth. You can optimize data by issuing simple voice commands to a REZRV based router or by using mobile or web apps to gain more precise control over your network.


4. Create Policies for Unnecessary Programs in Your Network

Finally, make sure to monitor your network with REZRV to identify and eliminate unnecessary programs and users hogging the bandwidth. It is important to ensure the network has well-defined rules about which applications, websites, and services can be accessed on the corporate network, and make blacklists and white lists to deal with services that hog bandwidth, usually YouTube, Netflix, and social media sites.

It is really important to communicate these policies to your employees in writing or via email. Limiting what can and cannot be done on the company network can make a significant impact on bandwidth usage and improve performance.


Are you ready to make significant improvements to your corporate network’s bandwidth? Click here to set up an appointment with the REZRV team and find out how.

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