Is There Any Free Way to Make Your Internet Faster?

Is There Any Free Way to Make Your Internet Faster?

Faster internet is directly tied to bandwidth. Internet speed is your allocated bandwidth .i.e. the amount of data that can be sent to you.

If a user participates in a video conference call, then vast amounts of data are required to be transmitted every second, which means that you will require higher bandwidth. The sound and video linked to video conference comprise of large packets of data. If these packets aren’t delivered at the right time, it will affect the quality of your call, and you will experience missing pictures and sound. Therefore, bandwidth is important for accessing online resources. Without a high bandwidth, you will struggle to use the Internet.


How Can REZRV Make Your Internet Faster?

REZRV helps you define the bandwidth allocation. Unlike other outdated software that only allows you to create a negative list of restrictions, REZRV is miles ahead as it lets you enable/disable one or more applications or even prioritize which applications take precedence. Some of the features in REZRV include the following:

Internet Traffic Management

Prevent your applications from congesting the network. It allows you to prioritize internet availability for the critical and selected applications.

Application Blocker

If you have kids in your home, then it is essential to monitor and track their internet use, especially on streaming applications, such as YouTube. With Rezrv, you can block the application for certain periods, ensuring that your children can only access the internet at fixed times.

Priority Settings

Do you have an application that is more important than others? Prioritize them to ensure interrupted internet access while using them. Based on your line of work, you can do this with different applications. For instance, if you are a software developer, then you can prioritize Github.

Internet Limiter

Use this functionality to limit real-time bandwidth usage. This can be especially beneficial for social media applications, such as Facebook, Instagram and streaming applications like Netflix.

Internet Speed Manager

Set a maximum and minimum speed for your applications. For instance, if your team collaborates on Microsoft Teams, then you can increase the allocated internet speed for it. By doing this, your team can coordinate better while interacting with each other.



REZRV monitors your internet usage and displays useful insights, like connection history such as which application or device is used the most or where does all the bandwidth go. In this way, you can plan your internet usage better. For example, you may have been using too much time on social media while ignoring your work tools. REZRV can help you to realize this, and you can then mend your ways.

Impressed by REZRV’s extensive range of features? There are more! Click here to learn more about REZRV.

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