Bandwidth Management and Priority Application Selection

Bandwidth Management and Priority Application Selection

If you’re experiencing network slowdowns periodically whenever you live-stream an online session or watch a YouTube video, you could be a victim of network congestion.

Network congestion is a common occurrence that mostly happens when too many devices, apps, and users are sharing an internet connection. The kneejerk reaction of most companies and home-based networks is to either upgrade their internet connection or buy more bandwidth. But they’re not solving the root cause of the issue: bandwidth management.


What is Bandwidth Management?

Let’s assume you have an internet connection that is capable of 30Mbps. You’re using it to watch a YouTube video and download a large file. Depending on the type of video YouTube streams at the highest resolution possible and if the network is getting congested, it will downgrade the video to a lower resolution allowing both applications. In the above scenario, YouTube video was affected and maybe even temporarily stopped to account for the file download to happen simultaneously.

In a natural environment, the network router processes internet data on a first-come-first-serve basis, and all Wi-Fi devices PC, laptop, Smartphones, TV, home appliances are sharing the same airspace to transfer data. This means the speed of a Wi-Fi connection is subject to the Wi-Fi environment it’s operating in which is why your wireless speeds can flatline when you (or a neighbour in a nearby apartment) fires up the microwave.

In our example above, YouTube data and the file download packets are pushed through to their respective destination such as a PC, TV in the same environment, and many factors adversely affect Wi-Fi speed. One of the main factors being the device farthest from the router dictates the bandwidth needed creating bottlenecks in the network communication preventing the data from taking full advantage of the network pipe and effectively decreases the bandwidth and causing delays in the data pipe to reach its target destination. Increasing bandwidth capacity by purchasing is not going to be of much help in this case. What is needed is a bandwidth management tool, like REZRV.


How REZRV Can Help

REZRV allows your router to give priority to YouTube data packets. It ensures that YouTube packets reach their destination always without a lag or delay and irrespective of the destination devices distance from the router. The file download happens in the background and reaches their destination without impacting YouTube video experience. REZRV will even give some of the allocated bandwidth back to other applications if it determines that it does not need the full reserved bandwidth. In other words, it’s always friendly to other applications in the environment.


Here are other examples where REZRV benefits the user.

Online Games in keeping with the times

The most latency-sensitive task these days is multiplayer gaming. Delayed or missed data packets will create a jittery gaming experience, frequent lags, unresponsive actions, and outright disconnections. Whether you’re playing an intense PVP shooter or an MMORPG, high latency is the last thing you need spoiling your experience. REZRV is crucial for improving your online gaming experience. You necessarily don’t need a high-end gaming router to manage your gaming requirements, REZRV enables the same performance at a fraction of a cost of the expensive gaming router

Improve Video Conferencing Quality

Most of today’s office meetings happen over Zoom, Skype or other conference systems which involve the exchange of real-time video data and other work sharing applications. A video chat with latency caused due to a bad network connection assures that the meeting goals are yet to be complete.

REZRV ensures that your conference meetings get the appropriate required network allocation using a simple to use easy interface from an app or a voice command assuring the completion of meeting objectives to achieve the business goals effectively. All this while ensuring that other critical office application bandwidth requirements are harmoniously balanced.

Streaming uninterrupted from Video streaming Applications

Watching high definition streaming video in 1080P and 4K should be easy and straightforward when using REZRV. Simply tap or say Video Mode to a mobile app or Alexa device and the REZRV system ensures that the minimum bandwidth requirement for that video (Netflix) is automatically calculated and set. No need for complicated router settings on the Router page. If you are doing this at home and others are working REZRV ensures that all applications are bandwidth balanced to get the best experience for all. In that extreme case when a parent or son is upgrading a computer operating system requiring a big download to happen in the background REZRV ensures a perfect balance between video watching experience along with management of the download for the software. All this is possible because when REZRV determines there is excessive bandwidth available for Netflix, then some of the bandwidth is released to file download applications. After all, what can be more important than being a good citizen?


About REZRV 

REZRV is a software designed for existing and new enterprise or home routers, enabling the office and the IT manager or a home user the ability to monitor and customize the network needs.

REZRV is a patented technology that applies bandwidth management policies by measuring and controlling all communication (traffic, packets) on a network link, to avoid filling the bandwidth, thereby eliminating congestion and poor performance of the network. The policies are configurable for needs as defined by the user. REZRV policies can be managed from the cloud, allowing dynamic updates for changing business needs.

The REZRV application dashboard shows all the active applications, connections and devices on the network. A simple easy to use graphical user interface enables toggle applications priority status ON or OFF for different services. This can be easily done by visiting the “Easy Configuration” setup page on the router. In a congestion scenario, the applications with priority get at-least the required bandwidth allocation. Any excess bandwidth is dynamically given back to other applications. In addition to the cool graphical user interface, REZRV also works with voice commands to Alexa or Google voice, giving you the added convenience.


For example:

If you want to turn off YouTube, You simply say, “Alexa, ask the router to turn off YouTube”. or customize your own command that fits your need better.

Best of all, REZRV can be trained to learn your preferences using an automated AI engine to manage priorities and allocate bandwidth for selected applications such as but not limited to:

  • Managing video and gaming
  • Screen time
  • Enabling children to complete their school work
  • Handling mission-critical data in factories and workplace environments
  • Prioritize streams for businesses

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