REZRV: An AI-Powered Bandwidth Control Tool

REZRV: An AI-Powered Bandwidth Control Tool

REZRV is the definitive bandwidth monitoring and control tool designed for homes and businesses. It utilizes a simple yet effective software interface for users to set limits and monitor their internet traffic. One of its most promising features is real-time bandwidth configuration by leveraging AI and machine learning.

Watch statistics for incoming and outgoing traffic, device status, parameters, summary information, and much more. A visualized traffic diagram reveals the last few minutes of bandwidth usage in real-time to make network activity and monitoring easy for administrators.


List of 4 Powerful REZRV Features

Complete Traffic Control

Control your internet connection by viewing accurate download and upload speeds at an application level and assign priorities to ensure they’ve got the bandwidth they need to properly function without a hitch. REZRV is very customizable and is built with ease of use and automation in mind.

The platform also features a visual correlation with data usage that non-tech-savvy users will appreciate. With REZRV, you can quickly control bandwidth use by application, IP address group, and protocol to prevent bandwidth from being drained.


Monitor Internet Traffic

Get the exact low-down on which applications are currently using bandwidth and data transfers (for both incoming and outgoing connections). REZRV’s level of control is paired with in-depth network traffic reports that display peak bandwidth usage and historical data, empowering you to set up policies for effective bandwidth control. All this information is displayed visually on a chart for ease of reading.

At its core, REZRV is a strikingly simple yet effective tool that provides real-time visibility into network bandwidth performance of your entire network infrastructure. The software lets you drill down and discover bandwidth reports to monitor heavy overloads, so you can quickly determine bandwidth throttling.


Block Connections

Block incoming and outgoing connections with a simple application. Also, create policies on how applications can connect to the internet and under which conditions. The blocker can be viewed as a simple firewall that lets you specify which applications and devices are to be allowed or denied.

To block a connection, you need to create rules and enable it. There are several ways to achieve this:

  • Visit the webpage and set priorities for the selected app to block it. or
  • Issue voice commands to block an application remotely without visiting the webpage. REZRV is integrated with Alexa and Google Voice.


Create Quotas for Applications

With Quota, you can monitor the total size of incoming and outgoing data transfers. Set up notifications or predefined rules that are enabled when a certain application exceeds its assigned quota. REZRV automatically activates the user-defined rule to either send notifications or restrict further use of bandwidth for the application when it exceeds the assigned quota.

Regardless of size or budget, all homes and businesses can now implement cost-effective bandwidth monitoring to boost network performance, identify apps hogging the bandwidth, block them, and rescue their bottom line.

REZRV is an all-in-one solution that goes beyond bandwidth monitoring, developed by experts who know how to manage today’s highly dynamic IT community. Click here to learn more.

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