Tantiv4 works with IFTTT to integrate its Connected Home Controller for a more compatible Smart Home

Tantiv4 works with IFTTT to integrate its Connected Home Controller for a more compatible Smart Home

Tantiv4 joins IFTTT, the largest ecosystem of connected apps and devices, enabling users to create personalized and compatible experiences with smart products in their home.

Today, Tantiv4, the leading provider of IoT and cloud solutions for enterprise, industrial, and consumer applications, announced that it's Connected Home Controller now works with IFTTT.

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Powered by industry-leading ThingaOS™ platform, the Connected Home Controller product manages sensor devices on "Edge" while dashboard reporting and event notifications are generated by our "Cloud". Our unique technology ensures proper actionable results on edge preventing damages, expensive repairs and reducing maintenance costs.

"Integrating with IFTTT further enhances our vision to be interoperable with most universally available Smart Home devices and is a core offering", said Lokesh Johri, co-founder and CEO of Tantiv4 Inc. "Property managers and homeowners now can customize scenarios to their specific using the applets already provided by Tantiv4 at https://ifttt.com/tantiv4."

Connected Home Controller users can go to IFTTT.com and enable ThingaOS™ Applets that work with several leading brands or create customized Applets for the devices that they own. Tantiv4 will continue to support our customer base by adding more Applets to create a true comprehensive Smart Home management system that works for the consumer.

"At IFTTT, we believe everything works better together and are thrilled to welcome ThingaOS™ and its innovative IoT-powered platform," says Linden Tibbets, IFTTT CEO. "Customers can now connect their Connected Home Controller with everything on our growing platform — like Google Assistant, Home8, D-Link, and more — unlocking valuable smart home experiences with their favourite products."

ThingaOS apps can be downloaded from the App Store and Google's Play Store for mobile applications. View IFTTT demos and instructions on the Connected Home Controller at visit www.tantiv4.com/insights/ifttt

About Tantiv4 Inc.

Tantiv4 Inc., headquartered in Milpitas, CA, is powering the next generation IoT Edge, Cloud and Voice platforms by providing uniquely architected solutions with a focus on simplifying and solving the pain points that exist in today's IoT solutions. ThingaOS solutions provide advanced automation using AI and ML algorithms, increasing ROI and improve business efficiencies. ThingaOS™ operates on popular cloud ecosystems, RF protocols and supports all popular controller and voice interfaces.

For more information about this topic, please contact Kishore Moturi at +1 408 396-5962 or email at contact(at)tantiv4(dot)com.

ThingaOS, ThingaAI, FetchitGO, REZRV are trademarks of Tantiv4 Inc. All other trademarks used are the property of their respective owners.

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