AWS Advanced Partner APN

AWS Advanced Partner APN

AWS Advanced Partner Program (APN) is an international program which revolves around assisting business members of the AWS partner ecosystem in areas like sales and marketing support, technical information, and other vital areas. The objective is to help partners utilize AWS for its maximum benefits. AWS users can use the APN to establish the link with other formidable AWS partners so they can use the might of the cloud effectively.

At Tantiv4, we have decided to become a part of the AWS APN (Advanced Partner Network) so that we can collaborate with Amazon and leverage its infrastructure and take our services to the next level.

The Amazon Advantage

Tantiv4’s adoption of APN is a significant turning point. The Tantiv4 portfolio includes an extensive list of reputable brands where each of them wants to make their IoT products with specific features. By using AWS, Tantiv4 has the tools to address their computing requirements more readily and easily.

For start-ups and new technology adoption, scaling is always a pertinent question by business heads. Scaling is not only an issue in the IoT, but it still exists in conventional software development solutions. It is the reason why the popular social media application, Twitter, nearly crashed almost a decade ago.

Fortunately, AWS comes with a highly mature ecosystem that consists of integrated services which ensure that scaling concerns resolved without any complexities. Tantiv4 requires a solution at-hand that can allow it to grow client businesses globally while making sure that there is no compromise on the redundancy and latency metrics.

When more and more companies use cloud services, the latency dilemma is expected to emerge. This latency mainly represents the time delay in the process where a client sends a request, and the cloud service provider replies with an appropriate “response.” Latency is an important variable because it directly impacts the user experience. If the end user gets high latency, then no matter how powerful or nicely designed the infrastructure is, expect the customer satisfaction to go downhill.

That is why Tantiv4 made it a point to incorporate AWS solutions and ensure that the end user enjoys the best user experience possible with extremely low latency.

The production systems of Tantiv4 are deployed in Japan and North America while the Dev systems are in India. This multi-region support system ensures impeccable latency so that the company’s cloud products are as dependable as ever, without any concerns of downtime due to unexpected disasters—especially when cyber attacks like ransomware threats are on the rise.

Tantiv4 is also making full use of AWS services like Amazon Route 53. Amazon Route 53 is a highly scalable, robust, and available cloud DNS web service. What it does is that it ensures that Tantiv4 can efficiently and reliably route end users on the Web and can translate names like “” into an IP address such as—for establishing connections between computers. With the compliance of IPv6, Tantiv4’s cloud infrastructure boasts of considerable strength to support their clients.

Voice recognition is another area where Tantiv4 has made deep inroads. Voice recognition technology is an integral part of Tantiv4’s customized solutions of IoT, particularly in those countries where English is not a native language.

By unlocking the full potential of Amazon, Tantiv4 was successful in providing the best possible user-friendly experience for these products by focusing on “Works-With-Alexa.” To qualify for the competitive Alexa program, Tantiv4 had to satisfy all the requirements from the Alexa Program Guidelines.

The voice skill set with Alexa is relevant because Alexa’s program elevates IoT products to another level by enhancing functionality, responsiveness, and reliability. As a result, Tantiv4’s clients can use products with the Works with the Alexa badge in their product packaging.

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