AI & ML Powered Unique Power
Analytics Solution for IIoT 4.0

MiDAS Dashboard

MiDAS Dashboard

This is a home screen of your Asset, this can be entire plant, department or the equpiment, based on where you perform the measurement.

Asset Selection

Here you can select the assets which you install in your plant and it will take you to home screen of that asset.

MiDAS Dashboard


This screen shows you no of harmonics present in the power line and Total Harmonic Distortion value.

MiDAS Dashboard


Here you can select the report such as Alerts, Notifications, events in a specified period, you can either download a report in Excel form/PDF format or schedule a report and you can receive it on your email at regular specified interval.

MiDAS Dashboard


Here you can see the logged parameter for the specified date and time for the particular asset.

MiDAS Dashboard

Plant Selection

Here you can select the Plant which you configured for your organisation and it will take you to home screen of that asset selection page of that plant where different assets are configured in the selected plant.

MiDAS Dashboard

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