IIoT and Next-Generation Power Analytics

IIoT and Next-Generation Power Analytics

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applies the Internet of Things (IoT) framework to manufacturing, thereby enabling the industrial sector to gain more efficiency, measurability, and control, especially when it comes to costly things like energy consumption.

As we head into the future of power analytics, innovative solutions that use IIoT like MiDAS from Tantiv4 bridge the gap between manufacturing equipment and the Internet for improved energy efficiency.


IIoT and Next-Generation Power Analytics

IIoT offers incredible opportunities for efficiency, shaping smart cities with new methods of producing and delivering energy.
There is great demand for it because it enables smart monitoring and management, significantly improving energy efficiency throughout the grid. This helps lower carbon emissions and substantially reduce energy waste on a large scale.
Similarly, more and more businesses demand greater energy efficiency solutions to reduce costs and help streamline production and operations. This is where IIoT and power analytics empower manufacturers to streamline integration, production, maintenance, lower costs, and speed-up the time to market.
IIoT solutions integrate connectivity to equipment and devices, connecting them to smart networks and using data analytics to gain actionable insights on performance and energy consumption. They help realize the potential of data and harvest it for power analytics.
This allows manufacturers to make better decisions, automate processes, and ultimately increase energy efficiency. IIoT power analytics solutions like MiDAS can optimize the management of existing assets and reduce energy consumption and costs.
It does this by accurately monitoring equipment power consumption using IIoT and reporting actionable insights through power analytics that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.
This allows MiDAS to help prevent the escalation of costs due to power penalties and untimely and high-cost maintenance of equipment. It can provide better situational awareness, control maximum demand, power factor, and warn against faults.
Its natural language interface makes it easy to understand reporting and take actions accordingly. It offers a highly interactive dashboard, role-based notifications, consumption patterns, deviations, and lets you organize as per the number of plants, departments, or assets.
You get instant notifications on frequency variations, voltage unbalance, voltage dips, swell, disruptions, and more. Ultimately, manufacturers get more data and control while saving on equipment maintenance, replacement, energy consumption, and overall capital expenditure.



We live in interesting times, and the future seems closer than ever before. Industries are demanding solutions and dedicating efforts to innovate. IIoT and power analytics are providing the world with solutions for greater efficiency than ever before.

AI and ML-powered IIoT solutions like MiDAS are the future of power analytics, and they are making efficiency a reality for manufacturing businesses. It makes them more competitive while helping them reduce energy waste and consumption.

It will help businesses and the planet as manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint by nearly half.

If you want to learn more about IIoT and next-generation power analytics or about MiDAS from Tantiv4, please visit our website today.

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