T4A-Q4020 for Apple Home Kit Support

ThingaOS T4A-Q4020

The T4-A-Q-4020 HomeKit Development Kit for creating Internet of Things (IoT) products supports key wireless technologies and cloud ecosystems.

Apple T4A-Q4020
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The T4-A-Q-4020 Product Development Kit is based on the QCA4020 chipset and, it is engineered to help developers and device manufacturers create unique IoT products that work in concert with a wide variety of other devices and cloud ecosystems. The kit is well suited for developing IoT applications compatible with Home Kit applications such as smart cities, toys, home control and automation, appliances, networking and home entertainment.

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5 hrs. Technical Support for the Kits - $150

The T4-A-Q-4020 kit is designed to provide interoperability among diverse IoT devices including most popular wireless standards, protocols and communication frameworks, and ease connectivity to various cloud and application services.

The T4-A-Q-4020 SoC is a tri-mode intelligent connectivity solution with advanced smart coexistence, integrating numerous wireless communication technologies into a single SoC, a proven approach to address fragmentation in many technology areas. It combines the latest specifications of Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® 5 and 802.15.4 based technologies, including ZigBee® and Thread and has advanced hardware-based security features to help improve device protection in ways not possible with just software. The T4-A-Q-4020 SoC comes with pre-integrated support for HomeKit.

Development Board Highlights

  • 6-Sensor Island
  • Adruino Connector
  • Key Matrix
  • PIR sensor, LEDs
  • FTDI Based JTAG
  • USB Interface for RF testing, manufacturing
  • Apple MFi coprocessor chip

T4-A-Q-4020 Target Applications

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Homes
  • Home Gateway
  • Appliances
  • Home Control
  • Home Entertainment/Toys


  • T4-A-Q-4020 tri-mode SoC with integrated Bluetooth 5, dual-band Wi-Fi, and 802.15.4 technologies
  • On-board FTDI2232 IC for 4-wire JTAG debugging
  • Various commercial and free IDE options for JTAG debugging and software development
  • Arduino connector to extend kit and add shields
  • Open schematics and layout files
  • Eclipse based IDE for single-step JTAG debugging
  • UART-AT commands to connect T4-A-Q-4020 to MCU/CPU
  • Eight sensors and actuators on-board:
    • Ambient light luminosity
    • 3D accelerometer
    • 3D gyroscope/rotation
    • 3D magnetic field
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Pressure
    • PIR sensor
  • Out-of-box drivers for sensors in demo applications
  • Miscellaneous headers, test-points for power measurement, direct connect to battery,boot-configuration, and other measurements

T4-A-Q-4020 Module Block Diagram

Module Block Diagram

T4-A-Q-4020 Module Specifications

Module Size

28.57 x 33.5 mm 124-pin


Integrated WLAN PA and LNA with 17dBm Pout and dedicated WLAN antenna

Bluetooth LE & 802.15.4 Tx

Shared PA between 15.4 and Bluetooth LE for transmit 17 dBm Pout for 15.4 and 7 dBm Pout for Bluetooth LE

Bluetooth LE & 802.15.4 Rx

Concurrent 15.4 and Bluetooth LE Rx Shared antenna between 15.4 and Bluetooth LE


3.3V supply voltage

Application I/O

SPI master/slave, 8-channel PWM, SDIO master/slave, HSUART, I2C, 12-bit/8-channel 1-MSPS ADC, 4-wire JTAG debugging Extra GPIOs for application-specific use


SDIO/SPI/UART interfaces to connect to external MCU/CPU interface


USB interface for RF testing, factory automation

Development Kit Contents

  • T4-A-Q-4020 Reference Module and Development Board with Apple MFi coprocessor chip
  • 2x Micro USB cables to connect to host PC and power supply
  • Set-up guide

Ordering Information


Part Number: T4-A-Q-4020 Product Development Kit


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