Simply put ThingaOS cloud agents manage any device with any cloud to enable applications across the Industrial and Commercial IoT space. Our unique patented technology accommodates several cloud interfaces and used in a single mobile app while accomplishing these complex interactions.

CloudIT specifically deals with the cloud management aspect of this end to end solution. The flexible architecture enables our customers to opt only the cloud component of our software if they so desire. CloudIT provides a unique API approach to access the devices and digital resources. It maintains uniform methods to access the resources on Edge and on the Internet. This helps in making sure that the presentation layer provides a seamless experience to the end user across platforms.


Our Edge agent enables the abstracted access of the devices to a cloud platform of choice. It also offers varying privacy controls required for specific use cases supported by our unique customizable rules manager which uses machine learning and Ai determining the content that needs to reside on the cloud. Unlike most other cloud service provider offerings CloudIT has a differentiated modular and scalable architecture which leverages the unbundling of Edge and the Cloud components providing end-users specific components for their applications. This allows developers to customize each component more efficiently to individually scale and transition to any cloud based on business considerations and not boxed into a specific offering which may not scale with business needs. This is especially important to small businesses which constantly need to adapt based on new industry requirements. CloudIT also provides advanced system capabilities to implement time essential features first while providing the flexibility to easily add to these at any time.

Benefits of using CloudIT from Tantiv4


  • True SAAS Provider
  • Flexible implementation - No fixed application templates
  • Easily adopt customers requests
  • IOT Client/Agent foot print is small on device
  • Very Optimized for Latency
  • Universal Eco-system support-Apple, Google, Amazon
  • Easily adapt to changing and new upcoming standards
  • Architecture already provides control to customer/user to customize eg. group control for lights, music etc...


  • Typically IAAS of PAAS
  • Have Fixed templates - Not Flexible
  • Typically not possible or extensive customization
  • Customers have to code own Client/Agent
  • Latency is fixed - not flexible
  • Typically upto customer to implement
  • Very rigid and takes lengthy development time
  • Impossible to create such a concept without extensive customization work

CloudIT is based on industry standard REST API with OAuth2 based access allowing a more convenient way for user on-boarding, reducing the pain points and providing a friendly user experience. CloudIT is developed with multi-protocol support including CoAP and MQTT and uses SSL and DTLS security layer protocols keeping the system very secure. One of the key components of CloudIT is the ability to provide Over-the-air software upgrades (OTA) in a highly secure and scalable manner. CloudIT recognizes the need to provide fine control to the user and group level providing the ability to update only specific devices, in addition to log the device type and version for proper device management

device management

Some other key and essential features of CloudIT making it a unique offering in the industry are

  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Supports AAA- Authentication, Authorization, Accounting
  • Works without Internet in “Edge Mode”
  • Scalable vertical- adding shards for storage
  • Supports RF mesh to reduce latency
  • Scalable horizontal- load balancing for low latencies
  • Two-layer security, key management
  • Apps on browsers, iOS, Android

To summarize CloudIT from Tantiv4 offers the flexibility for our customers to add only the cloud component of our platform to enable their hardware offerings to connect to a cloud of choice to benefit their business. The Ai engine will provide instant insights into their data providing valuable information helping them to further monetize their offerings.

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