Why Partner With Tantiv4 ?

What do we do?

Our platform is unique in terms of being built around key values of privacy, security and simplicity around protected IP as well as open standards. We are working to bring standard based IOT to the main stream

Our Vision

We are looking to initiate an engineering engagement leading to small scale pilot that would be expanded and ultimately introduced to mass market.

Who are we?

Team is a set of seasoned technology enterpreneurs with long experience in hardware, networking, enterprise software, big date and mobile apps with serval startups under the belt.

How do we
add Value ?

Supplement your product innovation

IoT controller makes your appliances ’Smart’ while reducing Time to Market (TTM)

Track customer interaction with the appliance in real-time

Know which controls on appliances are being used and in what order. Usage Insights can be used for next generation product innovation.

Customer retention value

Having continued interaction with the customers in terms of pro-active maintenance and feature value add-the chance of customer retention and be able to approach them when the equipment is at end of life would lead to higher chance of customer retention.

Private and secure

Data is kept private and not sent to the cloud. It is transmitted over a secured channel.

Models Of Engagement.

IP licensing

We have built considerable IP around the embedded platform, hardware and radio design, scalable server architecture and apps-workflow, to deliver a compelling solution to the market. We will work with your IT department to setup and support

Subscription Model

We will be fully responsible for supporting the infrastructure (design+software+services)

Machine Learning and Analytics

With a complete understanding of in- home in-context consumer behavior, we can provide powerful insights to help you design next-gen “smart” appliances

Our Partners