What MedIT can do ?

Medication Reminders

as buzzer or email

Text Message

to pharmacy to keep prescription ready

Send Messages

to your doctor

One-Push Help Button

Send Family Alerts for medical assistance

Daily Activity Sharing

Track your medicinal activities in real time

& Many More

We have teamed up with IFTTT to give your MedIT the tools to do more work for you!

  • Daily meditation routine — get a reminder and dim the lights
  • Remind yourself to meditate every day
  • Track your recorded sleep in an spreadsheet
  • Easy 5-minute setup
  • No Recharging- 18 months long lasting battery
  • Functions without in-home internet
  • Simple to use one push buttons.

A Simple Device For Healthier Life.

MedIT is easy to adopt for elders to set medication reminder, Family Alerts, Notification to pharmacy or doctor without taking anyone’s assistance or any technical skills. It's easy to use push buttons brings in self dependency apart from convenience.

MedIT – For Family and Caregivers

With MedIT at your home, you can step out tension-free and still stay connected with your loved ones daily medical activities. Be around when they need you.

Get notification if they miss medication via text or email & intervene accordingly.

Get a reminders if they have to be taken for checkup or routine appointment

Get text alerts if they require your help

MedIT: How Does It Work?


A helpful reminder when you need.