FetchitGO – This Smart Remote Makes Life Easier!

By Sweta Agarwal | Mar 29, 17 | Category

Still hung up on mobile phone or voice automation to control your smart home devices?   Vandy, a Tantiv4 team member, embarked on a mission to develop  a new smart IoT remote that can control home devices from one pad, can be shared by all members of the household with...

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Did somebody say IoT? Six places to learn more about the Internet of Things (‘IoT’)

By admin | Feb 20, 17 | Category thank you banner

By Charlie Bartlett, writer and blogger First things first: The Internet of Things (often shortened to IoT) is a phrase that’s stuck on everybody’s minds right now. It’s not a new term, in fact it was apparently coined in 1999, by Kevin Ashton, a British technology pioneer, and between then...

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What’s On The IoT Market?

By admin | Feb 20, 17 | Category The Thing Market

By Charlie Bartlett, Writer and Blogger The market for ‘IoT’ products is growing at a steady pace. From weird and wacky devices, to things that demand attention: IoT device innovation seems to be the way forward. Check out these five companies and their smart/IoT goods. The Market Place: Amazon Dash...

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Grocery Shopping In The Tech Age

By admin | Feb 20, 17 | Category Grocery Stores

Tantiv4 is a Silicon Valley based IoT company focused on IoT devices and apps to socialize and democratize the household grocery shopping experience. Grocery shopping is getting a complete makeover. These days with the rise of Smartphones and Lifestyle Apps, consumers are spoilt for choice in how to pick, buy...

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Tantiv4 debuts in ASIAPAC at the largest trade show

By admin | Feb 20, 17 | Category Technical

Singapore, June 7, 2016– Tantiv4 is pleased to announce the unveiling of its flagship product, FetchIT, at Communicasia 2016, at the Internet of Things Theatre. The event, co-hosted by the IPv6 Forum, focused on uses of IPv6 to accelerate design and adoption of Smart Objects, included presentations by Mr. Sanjeev...

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IFTTT Shares RECIPES With Google’s OnHub Routers

By charlie | May 3, 16 | Category News

Google's OnHub routers now contain a SMARTER feature to connect your devices: To do this, you simply create an IFTTT recipe that gives those devices priority access to your network after they turn on. If you always want your streaming device to have priority access at a certain time of...

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A New Way To Power The Internet Of Things?

By charlie | Apr 30, 16 | Category News

Startup company Bioo bring Nature and Tech together, in an eco-friendly charging device: Using a compact and modern technology we are able to produce electricity from the simple, every-day process in which plants rely on to survive, photosynthesis. Bioo provides a day and night constant electricity supply, proving that plants...

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This Millennials “Must-Buy” list from the Grocery Store

By charlie | Apr 26, 16 | Category Millennials

By Charlie Bartlett, writer and blogger Everyone's talking about 'millennials' and grocery shopping and telling us what we buy and like to eat. I'm a millennial, and I have to say it's getting really old reading about what I'm supposed to be doing. Do these people actually ask any of...

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