Tantiv4’s team has the skills to handle Big Data. Our smart connected helpers capture data and store them on high-performance databases in the cloud. This data can be used for predictions and decision-making.

Our cloud infrastructure is made up of three parts:

  • Api Server
  • CoAP
  • MongoDB & Cassandra

Tantiv4 is about giving the average family a set of reasonably priced solutions to make life easier; ensure homes are smartly secure; and maintain their health and fitness.

API (Application program Interface) Server

The API servers expose API’s for Web and Mobile Applications. At-least 3 API Servers will be available in different AWS availability zones. If there is a server crash or AWS outage the remaining servers in the other zones will share the load. Load balancing redirects incoming API queries to API servers.


The Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) is an application protocol for billions of tiny Internet nodes. CoAp is a lightweight transfer protocol for constrained nodes and networks, such as those that will form the Internet of Things. These nodes and networks do not need the complexity or generality of HTTP, and can take advantage of the streamlined performance of the UDP-based CoAP. Our sensors use CoAP to transmit information to our Data Cloud.

MongoDB & Cassandra

Sensor related information is stored in Cassandra and non-sensor data is stored in MongoDB.

Configuration Replica Set:

  • Maps incoming queries to appropriate shards.
  • Contains Metadata or routing information.

Shard Replica Set

  • Holds the shard database.
  • Contains actual data.


  • Each Replica Set consists of three or more servers, in different availability zones.
  • If there is a server outage, the remaining servers (in the other zones) will take up the load.